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About Us


OMG Performance is Sheridan's premier motorcycle shop.

Jamey is a MMI Certified Harley Davidson Technician and has the certification and awards to

show the dedication to his craft. Jamey is able to expertly rebuild your motor, transmission, primary, and front forks, with the correct tool for the job. OMG also has tires, with our in house mount and Balancer. While the wheel is off, Jamey will also inspect and replace your bearings if they are

going bad. We want you to be safe and enjoy your ride.


     OMG also offers performance upgrades.

Bump your 103 c.i. moter to a 107 or 110 c.i.. Equipped with performance cam shafts,

ported and polished heads, and a THUNDERMAX self learning tuner.

The difference is INCREDIBLE!!

Once you get this build, you might want to consider a mouth piece to avoid getting bugs'

and rocks in your teeth, due to your smile being to big!! 

     If you have dreamed of a custom bike, Jamey has the equipment and expertise to help you realize that dream. To date, Jamey has built 5 custom bikes, and is currently building a custom bike with 2 inch frame tubing! As far as we know through our research, this is the only 2-inch frame in existence! Covid-19 has really slowed getting materials, but we hope to debut the build sometime in May.

OMG Performance is a major sponsor for Sheridan Media’s Christmas Wish List. Every year, OMG has held a poker run to raise money for the kids of Sheridan.

OMG is also a major sponsor for the Leiter Motorcycle Rally. The LMR is held during the last weekend of June. This year the dates are June 25 – 27.

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